FSEC Researcher Selected to Advisory Board for Partners in Sustainable Building

Photo of Janet McIlvaine
Janet McIlvaine

Janet McIlvaine, a research analyst for the Florida Solar Energy Center’s (FSEC) buildings division, was selected to be an advisory member for Habitat for Humanity International and The Home Depot Foundation’s new national green building initiative, Partners in Sustainable Building. This program will provide funding and resources to assist in making at least 5,000 homes built by Habitat affiliates more energy efficient and sustainable according to nationally recognized green building standards.

McIlvaine is part of a team of sustainable building experts, providing technical assistance, general advice and feedback during the Partners in Sustainable Building program’s pilot phase, which began in May. She will also participate in the nationwide training effort when the program is officially launched in 2009.

Over the next five years, the Partners in Sustainable Building program will provide cash incentives to Habitat affiliates throughout the United States for improving their construction specifications and techniques to help qualify new homes for ENERGY STAR status, which requires homes to be at least 15 percent more efficient than standard, built-to-code homes. Funds and resources provided through this program will help Habitat affiliates expand their use of energy-efficient equipment, install more water-conserving fixtures and ensure good indoor air quality. These homes will be more durable and energy efficient, which will make them more affordable for the homeowners.

Through funding from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Building America program, FSEC has built a rich partnership with Habitat for Humanity that has spanned more than a decade and reaches every corner of the nation. “FSEC is delighted and honored to have Janet bring her experience to the development of this new, timely program,” said Subrato Chandra, FSEC’s project director for the DOE-sponsored Building America Industrialized Housing Partnership. “She has spearheaded FSEC’s involvement with Habitat for Humanity for more than 10 years, making her an ideal representative who can provide an extensive knowledgebase for this program.”

About The Home Depot Foundation

The Home Depot Foundation was created in 2002 to further the community building goals of The Home Depot. The Home Depot Foundation is dedicated to building homes for working families that are healthy to live in and affordable to own. Through the incorporation of responsible design, homes built with durable and quality materials are more energy and water efficient, have good indoor air quality, and are overall a safe and healthy space to live. Since its formation, The Home Depot Foundation has granted $70 million to nonprofit organizations and supported the development of more than 50,000 affordable, healthy homes.

About Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity International is an ecumenical Christian ministry that welcomes to its work all people dedicated to the cause of eliminating poverty housing. Since its founding in 1976, Habitat has built more than 250,000 houses worldwide, providing simple, decent and affordable shelter for more than 1 million people.

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