Tei Explains It: Quality Assurance Checklist

By Tei Kucharski
October 13, 2014

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Checklists are an essential tool when documenting for quality assurance.

Quality Assurance (QA) is not for the weak stomached any longer.

With all of the RESNET changes, and the changes that are on the horizon, QA has become one of the items that are priority at RESNET and with the builders that home energy raters are servicing. Documenting all of the homes with checklists and field review of both HERS Index Scored Homes and ENERGY STAR Homes is imperative.

When doing your final inspection, in addition to your blower door and duct testing, you should be checking the following and documenting with pictures:

  • Directional facing
  • Perimeters (conditioned space and garage)
  • Conditioned SF from your field measurement (not blueprints)
  • Wall depths and heights (insulation inspection and grading should have been done at mid-point, if applicable)
  • Window type, size, overhangs and separation
  • Door sizes and type
  • Ceiling insulation and grading (including kneewalls – don’t forget attached porch roofs)
  • Roof color, pitch and type
  • HVAC equipment, manufacturer and model numbers
  • Water Heater, manufacturer and model numbers
  • Interior, garage and exterior lighting
  • Carpet versus tile versus vinyl/wood percentages
  • Appliances, manufacturer and model numbers
  • Solar thermal and PV systems documentation

In addition to the above add the following for ENERGY STAR:

  • Measuring of static pressure on the supply and return sides (demanding holes marked by the HVAC Contractor for measuring)
  • Verification of AHU filter rating
  • Pressure mapping of all bedrooms with respect to the main body
  • Measuring all exhaust fan flows, including the kitchen fan
  • Documenting the type of ventilation, as well as measuring the flow
  • Documenting the HVAC balancing against the HVAC contractor’s balancing report
  • CAZ testing when working in a home with gas appliances

There will be more and more files returned for re-registration in the very, very near future.   In particular, I will be looking for all of the above.  The new parts of the RESNET Standard includes total accuracy with the home being built and registered.  When inaccuracies are found the proposed QA standard is probation for even the smallest of errors.

Now is the time to set down strict procedures for yourself and your field inspectors.

If you have a particular question, please feel free to e-mail me at any time. I want you to know that I would rather assist you now than have to “tighten the reins” later.

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