A Florida Study Showed How to Save Energy at Home. Why Aren’t More Cities and States Following Suit?

Asian woman changing light bulbIn this article by Next City, FSEC’s Danny Parker and Karen Fenaughty discuss energy efficiency phased deep retrofit projects.

…According to Parker, homeowners could be convinced to invest in deep retrofits if the timing was right.

“The sad reality is everything breaks eventually,” he says. “Since, eventually, you have to replace it, you have a choice [about] what will you replace it with.”

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Florida Energy Conservation Code Changes and Training

Florida Building Code Energy Conservation Seventh Edition (2020)A new Florida Building Code went into effect on December 31. The 7th Edition Florida Building Code (2020) includes a number of changes to the Energy Conservation code. These changes will impact how new Florida buildings are constructed, lit, and controlled. A summary listing of some of the more impactful changes is provided below. Learn even more about the code changes and earn continuing education credits by attending short, live webinar training courses offered by the University of Central Florida’s FSEC Energy Research Center.

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VIRTUAL EnergyWhiz 2021

EnergyWhiz Laptop LogoEnergyWhiz—a renewable energy-focused event for students to demonstrate their science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) capabilities through project-based learning activities—will be held virtually on May 3 – 7, 2021.

FSEC Energy Research Center, in partnership with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Office of Energy, is modifying this traditionally in-person event to be in virtual format. New rules will be posted later this month at: https://energyresearch.ucf.edu/education/k-12/energywhiz/

Competitions will be:

One of the biggest changes will be in the Energy Innovations category. Energy Innovations is now open to adults, and it has also expanded to include solar cooking and energy-efficient buildings (and pet houses).

Learn more about EnergyWhiz at: https://energyresearch.ucf.edu/education/k-12/energywhiz/.

Managing Solar Gain – In southern climates, the sun’s heat is a load to be minimized.

FSEC researchers studied a set of test buildings in Cocoa, Fla., extrapolated the data and using building energy simulations, and estimated the benefits of white reflective walls in other locations. “According to the modeling, going from dark walls to white walls could save about 12% on cooling costs in cities like Orlando, Miami, New Orleans, or Houston.”

Builder | October 16, 2020