Fun, Hands-on Energy Activities Students Can Do Remotely. Register NOW for Virtual EnergyWhiz 2021!

EnergyWhiz is a renewable energy-focused event for students to demonstrate their science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) capabilities through project-based learning activities. Students in Grades K through college, adults and families can participate in the virtual event with an opportunity to win awards. The virtual event will be on display to the public May 3–7, 2021. Teams must register by April 9th to participate.

Artistic renewable energy project using mosaic tiles to show scene of cat swatting at rotating butterfly. Live flower planter in front.
Artistic Energy Innovations project using mosaic tiles
Junior Solar Sprint model solar car
Model-size, Junior Solar Sprint car

This year’s competition categories are:

  • Energy Transfer Machine, (Grades 3-12) 
    Students transform materials into Rube Goldberg-type machines that perform an energy-related task and then submit a video of their success.
  • Energy Innovations, (K-12, College, Adults & Families)
    Partis design, engineer and market renewable energy projects that have real-world applicability. This year’s virtual event is expanded to include a wide range of categories, including:
    • Agriculture
    • Clean transportation
    • Green and energy-efficient buildings
    • Solar cooking
    • Water
    • Artwork or demonstration projects highlighting use of renewable energy
  • Junior Solar Sprint, (Grades 4-9)
    Students create a model-sized, solar-powered car that is judged on technology, craftsmanship, innovation and performance.
  • NEW T-Shirt Design Contest

FSEC Energy Research Center—a research institute of the University of Central Florida—in partnership with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Office of Energy, modified this traditionally in-person event to be virtual this year.

“Last year we had to cancel EnergyWhiz for the first time since 1999, so this year we’re trying a new format and modifying the rules,” said Susan Schleith, Energy Education program director at FSEC Energy Research Center. “Virtual EnergyWhiz will provide an opportunity for students and adults throughout Florida and beyond to participate in hands-on activities within a virtual environment.”


EnergyWhiz is sponsored by Florida Power & Light Company, SkyeTec, and LifeStyle Homes, and Kissimmee Utility Authority.

FPL, SkyeTec, LifeStyle Homes, Kissimmee Utility Authority logos

Companies or individuals interested in sponsoring EnergyWhiz should visit or contact Elizabeth Myron at

EnergyWhiz logo with sun on right and laptop on leftMore Information

Learn more about EnergyWhiz at:

For registration questions, contact Penny Hall at or Susan Schleith at

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