Go, Connect, and Win, with FSEC Energy Research Center!

American Made SOLAR PRIZE. U.S. Department of Energy.FSEC Energy Research Center (FSEC ERC) is proud to announce that it has joined forces with NREL as a Connector for the American-Made Challenges (AMC).

Entrepreneurs, are you ready for a challenge, an American-Made Challenge? Win cash prizes for your ideas that help to advance U.S. leadership in the energy industry. AMC is all about “Empowering American Innovators to Lead the Clean Energy Revolution.” Become part of this amazing opportunity by visiting https://americanmadechallenges.org/solve.html and if you participate in the Solar Prize Rounds, be sure to choose FSEC ERC as your Connector. The deadline to apply for the Solar Prize Round 5 is October 5, 2021.

What is a connector you ask? Connectors are an American-Made Challenges Network of national support organizations, such as FSEC ERC, serving as a critical component to a participant’s success. Our team of highly skilled solar researchers are here to support competitors in the solar hardware and software prize track by reviewing designs, conducting performance testing, providing field validation, and similar technical services. Our goal at FSEC ERC is to help participants win and turn their innovative ideas into marketable products.  

American-Made SOLAR PRIZE

Not familiar with AMC? The AMC family started over three years ago and now has over 15 prize programs. This year, FSEC ERC became a Connector to support the solar prize competition, designed to energize U.S. entrepreneurs in solar innovations.

Solar support you say! FSEC ERC, a research facility of the University of Central Florida (UCF), conducts a wide range of research in solar technology. From advanced photovoltaics system performance to long-term reliability and durability testing, FSEC ERC is a leader in solar research. For more details visit https://energyresearch.ucf.edu/research/solar-research/.Durability testing using infrared imaging

Compete To Win! The AMC team devised a prize method rather than a grant method, which helps to shorten the prize program process (PPP). Once a submission has been made and the packet scored, the PPP enables winners the flexibility to get cash when needed to start on their project.  

There are many opportunities to win prizes and two competitive tracks that FSEC ERC researchers can assist you with are:

  • Hardware Track: $3 million prize focused on solar hardware components
  • Software Track: $1.6 million prize  and seeking new solar software technology

Which track is right for you? Hardware Track. Software Track.

For more information: https://americanmadechallenges.org/solarprize/round5/

No wonder NREL and AMC chose FSEC ERC to be a Connector, given the UCF FSEC ERC’s long standing reputation, as the leading university research center in Solar Energy. It only makes sense that participants choose our researchers to be their “Connector” as our goal is to ensure we assist participants in getting solar hardware and software concepts one-step closer to market. Good Luck!

How to Apply, Solar Prize Round 5

Need FSEC’s help? Reach out to Colleen Kettles for assistance: ckettles@fsec.ucf.edu.


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