Boosting Your EV Experience!

white electric sports carWhat a golden opportunity for FSEC Energy Research Center (FSEC ERC) to be part of National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) and to support Drive Electric Florida (DEFL) during their September 25th event. Held at Ace Café, NDEW Orlando event gave many in our community the opportunity to show case their personal hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles, while educating attendees on the benefits of an EV purchase during their ride and drives.

Compliments of Arcimoto, SACE and numerous personal EV owners, over 100 individuals aspiring to be EV owners-participated in the ride and drives. There were approximately 65 EVs on display, which consisted of various EV makes and models, e-bikes, electric motorcycles, EV conversions, FUVs and more.Blue, three-wheeled Archimoto electric sport utility vehicle


During the event, I had the opportunity of visiting with many of the exhibitors and I would like to introduce you to several of them.

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Go, Connect, and Win, with FSEC Energy Research Center!

American Made SOLAR PRIZE. U.S. Department of Energy.FSEC Energy Research Center (FSEC ERC) is proud to announce that it has joined forces with NREL as a Connector for the American-Made Challenges (AMC).

Entrepreneurs, are you ready for a challenge, an American-Made Challenge? Win cash prizes for your ideas that help to advance U.S. leadership in the energy industry. AMC is all about “Empowering American Innovators to Lead the Clean Energy Revolution.” Become part of this amazing opportunity by visiting and if you participate in the Solar Prize Rounds, be sure to choose FSEC ERC as your Connector. The deadline to apply for the Solar Prize Round 5 is October 5, 2021.

What is a connector you ask? Connectors are an American-Made Challenges Network of national support organizations, such as FSEC ERC, serving as a critical component to a participant’s success. Our team of highly skilled solar researchers are here to support competitors in the solar hardware and software prize track by reviewing designs, conducting performance testing, providing field validation, and similar technical services. Our goal at FSEC ERC is to help participants win and turn their innovative ideas into marketable products.  

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FSEC Exhibits at Southeast Building Conference Orlando

FSEC and EnspectorPro pop-up displays and television displayed at Southeast Builders Conference in Orlando.FSEC Energy Research Center (FSEC ERC) was proud to support and exhibit for another great year at the Southeast Building Conference (SEBC). Held at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, this well-attended regional building industry expo and education conference was a success. The excitement on the show room floor was electrifying, as everyone was pleased to be out and getting ready for a productive second half of the 2021 building season. For those not familiar with this event, take a moment to visit their website,

Kwik Model wins ACHR 2021 Dealer Design Awards SILVERTei Kucharski and Jeff Myron of FSEC ERC’s Buildings Research were there promoting EnergyGauge with Kwik Model 3D. This latest software application is a quick and easy way of creating 3D computer models of any home. The best news about this app is that you do not have to use CAD software or have CAD experience. The Kwik Model 3D graphical interface works exclusively with EnergyGauge and provides easy input to EnergyGauge. For the EnergyGauge users out there that are gamers, you will really enjoy the super realistic video game platform utilized by Kwik Model. It is definitely intuitive, fast, and fun. Try it out now at Kwik Model and visit EnergyGauge websites.

ACHR News, one of the largest HVAC contractor’s news magazines, was delighted to announce that Coded Energy, the developers of Kwik Model, won the Silver award in the Contractor Services and Software Category. For more details, see the ACHR News announcement. Read more